Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '11

This challenge is now closed.

To see the Official Rules please scroll downwards.


8/1 - Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011 Closes
8/1 - Deathly Hallows Winner Announced

8/1 - The Deathly Hallows Closes
7/31 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 33-36 Questions
7/30 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 29-32 Questions
7/29 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 25-28 Questions
7/29 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 21-24 Questions
7/28 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 17-20 Questions
7/27 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 13-16 Questions
7/27 - Prize Package for Deathly Hallows
7/26 -
The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 9-12 Questions
7/26 - The Half-Blood Prince Winner Announced
7/25 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 5-8 Questions
7/24 - The Half-Blood Prince Closes
7/23 - The Deathly Hallows Chapter's 1-4 Questions
7/22 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 27-30 Questions
7/21 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 23-26 Questions
7/20 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 19-22 Questions
7/19 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 15-18 Questions
7/19 - Order of the Phoenix Winner Announced
7/19 - 9:30 pm Order of the Phoenix Closes
7/18 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 11-14 Questions
7/17 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 7-10 Questions
7/17 - Prize Package for Half-Blood Prince
7/17 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 34-38 Questions
7/16 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 30-33 Questions
7/16 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 4-6 Questions
7/15 - The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 1-3 Questions
7/15 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 26-29 Questions
7/15 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 22-25 Questions
7/14 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 18-21 Questions
7/14 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 14-17 Questions
7/14 - Prize Package for Order of the Phoenix
7/13 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 10-13 Questions
7/13 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 5-9 Questions
7/13 - Order of the Phoenix Chapter's 1-4 Questions
7/13 - Goblet of Fire Winner Announced
7/6 - Goblet of Fire Closes
7/5 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 34-37 Questions
7/4 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 30-33 Questions
7/3 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 26-29 Questions

7/2 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 22-25 Questions  
7/1 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 18-21 Questions
6/30 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 14-17 Questions
6/30 - Prize Package for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
6/29 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 10-13 Questions

6/27 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 6-9 Questions
6/27 - Prisoner of Azkaban Winner Announced
6/26 - Goblet of Fire Chapter's 1-5 Questions
6/26 - 10:30 pm AZ time Prisoner of Azkaban Closes
6/25 - Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 21-22 Questions
6/25 - Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 17-20 Questions
6/24 - Minor delay due to illness

6/23 - Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 13-16 Questions
6/22 - Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 9-12 Questions
6/22 - Chamber of Secrets Winner Announced  
6/21 - Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 5-8 Questions
6/21 - Prize Package for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6/21 - 12:30pm AZ time Chamber of Secrets Closes
6/20 -
Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 1-4 Questions
6/20 - Buttons for Challenge become available!
6/20 - Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 15-18 Questions - Delayed due to Blogger malfunctions
6/18 - Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 11-14 Questions
6/17 - Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 7-10 Questions
6/16 - Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 3-6 Questions
6/16 - Sorcerer's Stone Winner Announced
6/16 - Prize Package for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
6/15 - 10pm AZ time Sorcerer's Stone closes
6/15 - Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 1-2 Questions
6/14 - Sorcerer's Stone Chapter's 13-17 Questions
6/13 - Sorcerer's Stone Chapter's 9-12 Questions
6/12 - Sorcerer's Stone Chapter's 5-8 Questions
6/12 - Official Rules Announced - Below
6/11 - Sorcerer's Stone Chapter's 1-4 Questions
6/11 - Prize Package for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
6/10 - Contest Announcement - 7 weeks, 7 books, 7 Prize Packs by Pugs!

Official Rules


Edit 6/26: You are free to join in at any time!

If you are not in the continental United States, please contact me before playing. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of any prizes won.

The following rules, interpretation of, and determining any violation of these rules are subject to the sole discretion of the proprietor of LitPool.

No purchase is necessary. Purchase will not improve chances of winning.

Rules are subject to change on an as needed basis. Any changes will be posted here and announced via blog post. Changes will take affect immediately upon being posted.

Honor Code:

Many aspects of the challenge will be done "on your honor." Violations of the honor code will include and not be limited to: false misrepresentations, posting as multiple people (please see kiddos below), abuse of any kind.

Violations of the honor code will result in immediate and permanent termination from the challenge. Also, any prizes won will be rescinded.

How to Play:

7 Weeks, 7 Books. Everyday from June 11th to July 31st, three questions will be posted on four chapters of the Harry Potter Books. Answers will be left by players in the comments. If you're reading along, after all it is a reading challenge, you can read 4 chapters a day and finish the books in 7 weeks! (See original announcement.)   

For every "day" you participate you will have your name placed in the drawing for prizes!

There will be opportunities to get extra entries. Think extra credit!

All answers for a book must be submitted within 24 hours of the last questions on that book, being posted. The drawing will be completed and the winner announced within 36 hours of the last questions being posted. Please see Prizes below.

Your Handle:

There are several ways to post a comment on Blogger. Feel free to use any one of them, including anonymous. You need to choose a 'handle' to use that you place in each of your comments though. You can use your name, a nickname, a screen name, etc. Your handle should remain the same throughout the entire challenge. If you need to change your handle please email me.


Your kids want to take part too! Fantastic! This can make a wonderful family event! You can read the books out loud to each other or maybe they've read them before. BUT, you say, my kids don't have their own Internet account. Not a problem! All they need is a Handle! Please don't use the same account for two different people, see Honor Code above. Remember, they can always comment anonymously, because their Handle will be in their comment.


Who wins will be determined randomly by drawing. The more someone participates the more chances they have to win. Please see How to Play above.

If you win a prize package you will need to provide a valid mailing address for me to ship it to. The only exception to this is if I can personally hand it to you and that is up to my discretion. The mailing address must be received within 48 hours of the winning announcement or the prize package will be rescinded and I will draw again for a new winner.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Have a fantastic day and the Pug's and I look forward to playing with you!