Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Tour: Lady Chamberlin Book Shop

This fun little book shop is ran by author Ann Chamberlin exclusively at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  It specializes in books that fit the Renaissance theme while still ranging from children's to adult, old and rare, to new and popular. Author Gail Z. Martin was signing there the weekend that I went by and so I picked up a couple of her books as well as one of Ann's that was on my "to read" list. Sadly, there is only one weekend left this year to go check out this fun little store but I highly suggest it. And there's always next year! Ann Chamberlin said that she runs it every year.

Apache Junction, AZ 85118
Weekends February - April

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Tour: Barnes & Noble Arrowhead

In the way of "big box stores" Barnes & Noble is one of the good ones in my opinion. They make an honest effort to do right by authors and publishers. They have a wide range of books and this location also has a great selection of gifts and games. (If you're a Hunger Games fan or interested in all the hype, stop by!) There is a round Starbuck's in the center of the store which often has book themed treats and is a great place to use the free wi-fi. I have met here for self-start book clubs and they don't mind you hanging out and chatting for a bit. This store is clean, well-organized and well-stocked. Their focus is clearly on the Nook but the staff is friendly enough and willing to help when asked.

Arrowhead Barnes & Noble
7685 West Bell Road
Peoria, AZ 85382