Friday, June 17, 2011

Chamber of Secrets Chapters 7-10 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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Question # 1: Harry roleplays quite a bit in Lockhart's class, name one of the characters he plays.
Question # 2: Colin Creevey has made you his newest hero. Do you, "hide with humility and humbleness"? Or do you, "work it dude!"

Question # 3: Who is the first victim of the Heir of Slytherin?
That's right, Hogwart's robes.

Answer Chamber of Secrets Chapter's 3-6 Questions
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  1. 1. A yeti with a head cold

    2. Not sure what you mean here. Harry couldn't hide because Colin must have memorized his schedule. Harry was decent to him even while trying to lose him.

    3. Mrs. Norris.

    Don't you lose the first references in here to things that play such a role in HBP?

  2. Hey Donna!

    on number 2, it's a put yourself in Harry's shoes question. Would you have acted like Harry and hid with humility and humbleness? or would you have acted like Lockhart said he was and ate up the fame?

    There are several things that start popping up in book 3 that support occurences in book 6, yes. But I'm not sure specifically what you're referencing?

  3. #1 A werewolf

    #2 Like Harry, I hide. Imagine being followed around at school! It makes you wonder if Emma Watson (movie Hermione) ever has that experience? Something tells me yes. Leo & Oreo hide too. Willo, however works it!

    #3 pass! :)

  4. Amber, on your second comment, are you saying he didn't have to play a yeti with a head cold? Cuz I checked the books. =D I always get a good laugh at all the clever things Jo came up with for this series. Clever, clever girl.

    As to things hidden in plain sight, there is the Hand of Glory that Harry sees in Borgin & Burkes. Draco uses it to see past that powder when he brings DEs into Hogwarts in HBP. Also, Harry sees at the same timethe charmed necklace that nearly killed Katie Bell in HBP. It's also in this book that we see how the Vanishing Cabinet at Hogwarts gets broken. It's when Harry gets into trouble with Filch. Nick tries to help him by getting Peeves to cause a disruption, and Peeves damages a Vanishing Cabinet.

  5. Oh, and can you imagine that until that Vanishing Cabinet was broken Voldemort must have had access to the school prior to his near death experience when Harry was a baby.

  6. 1) can not remeber

    2) Work it dude

    3) pass

  7. Hey Donna -

    I'm sorry, I'm very confused. I never said anything about the Yeti with the headcold being a wrong answer?

    My first comment on this post was a direct response to you. My second comment on this post is me answering the questions.

    I don't understand what you mean by I "lost" the first references? I know they are there, I purposely don't bring them up in the questions to avoid spoilers, for anyone who hasn't read all the way through the books. It's fun to discuss it in the comments of course but in the actual questions I don't want to go spoilerish.

  8. Donna -

    Yes it is true that he would have had access to Hogwarts. In fact anyone would have! If they figured it out of course. Too bad Fred and George shove Montague in there in book 5.

  9. 1. Once, poor Harry actually had to play a vampire who had been unable to eat anything but lettuce. *gasp* What a fate...

    2. If I was so famous that Colin was searching me out, I would let him. Then I would say strange facts so he would get tired of me, like the statistical average of fleas per camel.

    3. Ahh, it was poor Mrs. Norris, the tattle-tale cat of Argus Filch that wound up being the first victim.