Friday, July 15, 2011

The Half-Blood Prince Chapter's 1-3 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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In honor of Oreo Pug's Birthday today he gets to be the only pug featured! He's such a good little ham too! He also says his favorite character is Severus Snape! Go figure! ;)

~ The Other Minister ~ Spinner's End ~ Will and Won't ~

Question # 1: You have just successfully become the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Congratulations! While basking in the triumph some guy shows up claiming to be the Minister of Magic and informs you that magic exists, as well as several other mythical beings... How do you react?

Question # 2: What does Snape reveal that "shook" Dumbledore?

Question # 3: Albus Dumbledore, ever courteous, offers the Dursley's a glass of mead when they visit... in their own home. When the Dursley's refuse to take the glasses what happens?

Don't forget folks, Order of the Phoenix questions are still open! (Closed questions will have an announcement at the top of the blog.) So get to answering and thank you all for your patience and playing! ~ Oreo, Leo, Willo

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1 comment:

  1. #1: After sitting for several minutes with my mouth hanging open, I make the strange guy prove it. Then jump up, start dancing a jig and shouting woo-hoo! I always knew there was magic and beg the other Minister to take me with him and let me live in their world. :D

    #3: Ah, this is my all-time favorite scene. I still complain regularly that they did not put it in the movie.