Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 13-16 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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Question # 1: It's your Transfiguration final! You have a teapot, what are you suppossed to change it into?

Question # 2: If you were Hermione, would you have stuck with Divination?

Question # 3: Have you ever had a pet that you were a "bit stupid abou'?" Tell us about it!

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  1. #2 Hermione's a great more patient than I - I would have walked a lot sooner on that class.

    #3 My pugs! (duh!) I have walked in front of a speeding truck to pick up one of them. I also have ran into my house where it was suspected a burglar was at the time to rescue them.

  2. 1. Ron was supposed to turn mouse into a teacup, but he didn't get it quite right, since the cup still had a tail.

    2. I'm sure Hermione was conflicted. She's not a quitter, and she's really good at things. I'm sure she thought she could do well, but Divination generally and Trelawney in particular just didn't fit Hermione's needs. I'm glad Hermione found a dramatic way to make her exit in response to Trelawney's snarky comment.

    3. No. I'm never been stupid about a pet. Kids, yes.

    I tweeted again which also goes to my Facebook account.

  3. 1) a rat

    2) yes she could do it

    3) no never a pug

  4. 1. Teapots into tortoises! They would smell minty I suppose. Thank goodness it wasn't the other way around, who would drink from that?!

    2. No, I wouldn't have. Hermione is too practical and logical - she needs explanations and instructions for things. Now I as myself might have fun with that class, but I'm not one for formulas like Hermione.

    3. Yes! I love pets and I have been a bit stupid about many. My latest is my rescue dog who, in my eyes, can do no wrong. Well, there was that new pair of shoes...that was slightly irritating - but I forgive her.