Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goblet of Fire Winner!

I thought by the sheer numbers there had to be one particular person who one this time, but I was wrong! Our winner is .....


So Mark will you be posting any colored pictures for us from your coloring book?

If you would like to see the answer's to the Goblet of Fire questions please keep reading.
Otherwise, you can go to the Official Rules and Events page to answer open questions!

Chapter's 1-5 Answers
# 1: The two exotic birds that brought Sirius' letters. She doesn't care for Pigwidgeon much either.

# 2: Player's contemplated Mr. Weasley's predicament with the Dursley's and think the he used magic to clean things up and of course was unable to reason with them. Come on! This is the Dursley's - there is no reasoning with them.

# 3: When Harry arrived at the Burrow he met the two oldest Weasley brother's, Charlie and Bill, at last.

Chapter's 6-9 Answers
# 1: The Bulgarian mascots are Veela.

# 2: The Bulgarian minister found it funny that Fudge was miming everything all day.

# 3: Winky the house elf is accused of setting off the Dark Mark.

Chapter's 10-13 Answers
# 1: Hermione refuses to eat in protest of the slave labor (house elves) that is used to prepare the meals at Hogwarts.

# 2: Mrs. Weasley feeds Mr. Diggory's head some toast with the fire tongs.

# 3: Player's created their own astrology charts at Astrolabe.

Chapter's 14-17 Answers
# 1: Our player's may take part in this challenge, however, they want no part of the Triwizard Challenge.

# 2: S.P.E.W. stands for Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

# 3:  The Unforgivable Curses are Avada Kedavra - the killing curse; Imeperio - mind/body control; Crucio - torture.

Chapter 18-21 Answers
# 1: Player's matched the wand core with the school champion:
Fleur  -- A single Veela Hair
Harry -- Phoenix tail feather
Cedric -- Dragon heart string
Viktor -- Unicorn tail hair

# 2: Player's got the chance to play the surprisingly difficult Grab the Golden Egg game (without much success.)

# 3: Dobby is paid a Galleon a week.

Chapter's 22-25 Answers
# 1: Hagrid confesses to Madame Maxime that he is half-giant.

# 2: Ron make's up S.P.U.G. - this is the pug's personal favorite! 

# 3:  Myrtle tells Harry to put his golden egg in the water.

Chapter's 26-29 Answers
# 1: Player's got the chance to try their hand at the Underwater Wizardry game - to see how long they could survive!
# 2: Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet Padfoot, a.k.a. Sirius at the stile at the end of the road out of Hogsmeade.

# 3: Barty Crouch Sr. comes to warn Dumbledore encountering Harry and Krum (who were discussing Hermione) but then disappears.

Chapter's 30-33 Answers
# 1: Player's had to name 3 of the many people that Harry saw in the Pensieve. Named in the book are Albus Dumbledore, Igor Karkaroff, Barty Crouch Sr, Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, Rita Skeeter, Ludo Bagman, Mrs. Crouch, Barty Crouch Jr, and Bertha Jorkins.

# 2: Player's wound their way through The Enchanted Maze game to get to the Triwizard cup.

# 3: The three things that bring Voldemort back are Bone of the Father, Flesh of the Servant, and Blood of the Enemy.

Chapter's 34-37 Answers
# 1: The question was, do you think you could have acted as Harry did when he faced Voldemort? Player's were uncertain and discussed with much admiration the bravery and sacrifice that Harry showed.

# 2: Bertha Jorkin's discovered Barty Crouch Jr alive and hidden away at his father's house.

# 3: Rita Skeeter is an (unregistered) Animagus that turns into a beetle and spys on people. The brilliant Hermione figures it out and captures her in an unbreakable jar - then threatens to tell the truth about Rita if she doesn't give up writing vicious stories for one year.


  1. I received my prize, btw. Thanks again!

  2. Yea! Donna. I hope you like it. I know it's nothing too fancy - but fun!