Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goblet of Fire Chapter's 34-37 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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Question # 1: Do you think that you would have the bravery and sense of self that Harry had  to fight back against Voldemort in the graveyard?

Question # 2: Who discovered Barty Crouch Jr because Winky was talking to him?

Question # 3: Just how does Rita Skeeter get all her news? And how does Hermione put a stop to it?

These are the last questions for Goblet of Fire! Until 11 am on Wednesday July 6 you can answer any of the Goblet of Fire Questions for a chance to win! Tonight we start the Order of the Phoenix. Yea!
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  1. 1. I would like to think so, but never having been in a life or death situation, I have no idea. I love that Harry decided he wouldn't go down without a fight. I agree completely. If you're going to die anyway, why not give your killer a run for his money? I read about fans' favorite HP characters all the time. For me, it's Harry. He was ready to die in the first book. He thought he would die when he faced off with Quirrellmort. And if DD hadn't arrived when he did, Harry might have. Love that kid.

    2. This is one that people who've only watched the films would miss out on, since the BERTHA JORKINS storyline wasn't included in the films.

    3. Rita is an animagus and has been spying on people or using Draco to provide the information.

  2. #1 - I would love to say yes - of course I would. The truth is though, I don't think I would've. I've always greatly admired Harry, especially what he did for Cedric and his parents.

  3. Thank you Donna! That's exactly why I included #2, I really think poor Bertha Jorkins deserved recognition. Afterall she was truly Voldemort's first victim when he came back and she tried to do the right thing.