Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter's 21-22 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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We have a lighter day today but be prepared! We have a whopping 5 chapters tomorrow!

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Question # 1: When Harry and Hermione go back in time, do you think there's anything different they could have done? If so, what?

Question # 2: You've been given a time turner and told you can use it to view any historical event that doesn't involve yourself. When do you go?

Question # 3: What does Sirius give Harry permission to do?

All Prisoner of Azkaban questions will close by 10pm (AZ time) Sunday 6/26! So you have until then to answer all of them! No later than 10am on 6/27 I will announce the winner!

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  1. #1: I always thought they could've found Peter just after he escaped the manacles. If they had snatched Crookshanks just as she came out of the tree - Crookshanks could have caught Pettigrew for them.

    #2: I go to view the building of Stonehenge, likely not all of it, just enough to see how it was done. If I get two I want to see how the Egyptian pyramids were built too.

  2. #1 Ugh. The challenge comes in not being seen. I like your suggestion, but it's still risky.

    #2 From a nonreligious perspective, I'd like to have seen the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    #3 It's not in these chapters, but are you talking about giving Harry permission to visit Hogsmeade?

  3. Donna on #3 - yep, that's exactly right.

    Sirius sends a note with the letter that arrives when they are traveling home on the Hogwart's Express.

  4. 1) got more evidence that sirus was good

    2) the pilgrims landing on us

    3) to contact him

  5. 1. I think they did great considering everything they had to cover. I would have been like, "Reaaallyy? Are you kidding me? I have to run where now? My knee hurts." O.k., now I sound whiny.

    2. What a major question. There is soooo much. I would have gone back to see if I could find the lost city of Atlantis (wonder what inspired that?!). Or Rome at it's height? The Inca's and Mayan's would be neat too....arg, too many choices!

    3. To visit Hogsmeade on the weekends! Woohoo!