Monday, June 27, 2011

Prisoner of Azkaban Winner!

So whose name did Willo eat this time? Let's give a big round of applause to .....


Ingrid, I need to know - what pug would you like a signed photo of?

If you would like to see the answer's to the Prisoner of Azkaban questions please keep reading!
Otherwise, you can go to the Official Rules and Events page to answer open questions!
Chapter's 1-4 Answers:
#1: Hermione goes on Holiday in France.

#2: It's pure accident that Harry flag's down the Knight Bus. He was scrounging in his truck when Sirius in Animagus form frightens him and he falls backward. He flings his wand arm in the air and the Knight bus appears almost running him over.

#3: Players were set free in Diagon Alley for the whole month of August and spent the majority of their time: at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor; Flourish and Blotts; Gringotts; the magical creature shop; and Eeylops Owl Emporium.

Chapter's 5-8 Answers:  
#1: In order to open the Monster Book of Monsters you must stroke the spine.

#2: A boggart was set loose on each of our players and the only thing anyone would fess up to it turning into was a giant cockroach! Sewer roaches!

#3: When the Dementor arrives in Harry's train compartment it's already pretty cramped with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Scabbers (aka Petter Pettigrew), Crookshanks, Professor Lupin, Neville, and Ginny.

Chapter's 9-12 Answers:
#1: The Marauders are Petter Pettigrew (Wormtail or Scabbers), James Potter (Prongs), Sirius Black (Padfoot or Snuffles), and Remus Lupin (Mooney).

#2: Player's named the very first person they thought had sent Harry his Firebolt, the suspects were Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, and Professor Dumbledore.

#3: Butterbeer experiences were shared. Apparently, it's pretty darn good - especially at the Wizarding World in Florida. Ingrid now has 10 different recipes to try out for themselves!

Chapter's 13-16 Answers:
#1: For their Transfiguration final, Third years were set the challenge of changing a teapot into a tortoise.

#2: Player's were placed in Hermione's shoes and asked if they too would have walked out on Trelawney's class. One player said they would have walked much sooner than Hermione did (yours truly) but the other players all said they would have stuck with it! No judgment on Hermione of course.

#3: Hagrid said that "people can be a bit stupid abou' their pets." Players were asked to prove him right. Dogs and pugs were right at the top of the list and not just because of me!

Chapter's 17-20 Answers:
#1: Crookshanks freezes the Whomping Willow for Harry and Hermione.

#2: Sirius spotted Peter on Ron's shoulder in the picture of the Weasley family in Egypt that appeared in the Daily Prophet.

#3: Player's were asked to name who they thought conjured the Patronus that saved Hermione, Harry, and Sirius. (The first time they read the book of course.) The suspects were James Potter and Harry himself.

Chapter's 21-22 Answers:
#1: Player's were asked, in their opinion, is there anything else Harry and Hermione could have done when they went back in time. Some suggestions were get more evidence on Sirius' innocence and with Crookshanks assistance, catch Pettigrew right after he escaped.

#2: Player's were given time-turners and given the chance to view historical events - not related to themselves. They went to the signing of the Declaration of Independence; the building of Stonehenge, the Pilgrim's landing on the U.S.; the lost city of Atlantis; the building of the Egyptian Pyramids; the Roman Empire; the Inca's; and the Mayan's.

#3: Sirius sends a letter that arrives while the trio is still on the Hogwart's Express going home. In the envelope he includes a note of permission for Harry to go on Hogsmeade weekends.


  1. Thank you Donna! Woohoo, can't wait to try the recipes! And, I have to say that Oreo is my hero. Don't tell the other two.

  2. LOL! Somehow, I knew you were going to say that Ingrid. :)