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The Half-Blood Prince Winner!

And the much awaited winner is...



If you would like to see the answer's to the Half-Blood Prince questions please keep reading!
Otherwise, you can go to the Official Rules and Events page to answer open questions!

Chapter's 1-3 Answers
# 1: Player's contemplated their reactions if they were in the Prime Minister of Great Britain's shoes.

# 2: Snape says that the duel between Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort shook Dumbledore.

# 3: When Dumbledore offers the Dursley's each a glass of mead during his visit they refuse to take the glasses which become increasingly persistent, eventually bouncing off the tops of their heads spraying mead everywhere.  

Chapter's 4-6 Answers
# 1: Harry will be having private lessons with Professor Dumbledore, learning "a little of this, a little of that."

# 2: Ginnly calls Fleur Phlegm.

# 3: Malfoy tells Borgin that the family friend and werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, will be checking in.

Chapter's 7-10 Answers
# 1: Tonks rescues Harry from the train.

# 2: The Gaunt family names are the father Marvolo, son Morfin, and daughter Merope.

# 3: Dumbledore believes that Merope used a love potion on Tom Riddle.

Chapter's 11-14 Answers
# 1: Harry wakes Ron up by suspending him upside by his ankle with a spell (Levicorpus) he found in the Half-Blood Prince's Advanced Potion Making.

# 2: Harry distracts Slytherin's seeker by yelling, "Oi, Harper! How much did Malfoy pay you to come on instead of him?"

# 3: The last thing Dumbledore tells Harry in their lesson is, "Very astute, Harry, but the mout organ was only ever a mouth organ."

Chapter's 15-18 Answers
# 1: Fenrir Greyback was the one that bit Remus Lupin.

# 2: Tom Riddle framed his Uncle Morfin for the murder's of Tom's grandparent's and father.

# 3: The only note the Half-Blood Prince makes about antidotes is to shove a bezoar down their throat.

Chapter's 19-22 Answers
# 1: Hepzibah Smith owns Helga Hufflepuff's cup.

# 2: In order to get the real memory from Slughorn Harry takes a portion of the Felix Felicis potion that Horace himself gave him.

# 3: Crabbe and Malfoy have been using Polyjuice potion to change into younger girls all year, so they won't be recognized while standing guard for Malfoy.
Chapter's 23-26 Answers
# 1: Tom Riddle wanted to rip his soul 6 times so it would be in 7 parts.

# 2: Harry places a bust of an ugly warlock, a wig, and a rusty tiara on top of the cupboard where he hides the Half-Blood Prince's book.

# 3: Hermione discovers that Eileen Prince may be the person who owned the Advanced Potions book that Harry has.

Chapter's 27-30 Answers
# 1: Malfoy used two vanishing cabinets. The first is the one that Nearly Headless Nick smashed in the third book and the Weasley twins shoved Montague into in the fifth book. Montague had told Malfoy how he would sometimes be caught in Borgin and Burkes, so Malfoy figured out a connection between the two.

# 2: Buckbeak rescues Harry from Snape.

# 3: Harry thinks he sees a Phoenix in the flames and smoke of Dumbledore's tomb.

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