Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Order of the Phoenix Winner!

Drum roll plesase.... The name Willo ate was .......


Congratulations! The pug's would like to know if you would like a signed picture of them and if so, which pug?

If you would like to see the answer's to the Order of the Phoenix questions please keep reading!
Otherwise, you can go to the Official Rules and Events page to answer open questions!

Chapter's 1-4 Answers
# 1: Mundungus Fletcher was supposed to be keeping guard over Harry.

# 2: Harry's advance guard consisted of Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones.

# 3: Petunia Dursley received a howler from Albus Dumbledore that said, "Remember my last, Petunia."

Chapter's 5-9 Answers
# 1: While cleaning Grimmauld place they find a locket they cannot open.

# 2: Lucius Malfoy tells Harry that he is "snakelike."

# 3: Hermione and Ron both receive Prefect badges.

Chapter's 10-13 Answers
# 1: Splitting the students into houses.

# 2: Luna Lovegood's father is the editor of the Quibbler.

# 3: Player's agree that Harry should have told someone about what Umbridge was making him do.

Chapter's 14-17 Answers
# 1: Professor McGonagall tells Umbridge she does not generally allow other's to speak while she is speaking.

# 2: Fred orders 25 butterbeers in the Hog's Head.

# 3: Sturgis Podmore is sentenced to 6 month's time in Azkaban for trying to get through a door.

Chapter's 18-21 Answers
# 1: Hermione uses a Protean charm on fake Galleon's that updates when it is time for their next meeting.

# 2: The Gurg Hagrid worked with was Karkus.

# 3: Dobby decorated the Room of Requirement for Christmas with golden baubles that said Have a Very Harry Christmas!

Chapter's 22-25 Answers
# 1: Arthur Weasley attempts to use stitches on his snakebite wounds.

# 2: Neville's mother, Alice, gives him a Drooble's Blowing Gum wrapper.

# 3: Player's discussed what they found most interesting in Harry's first Occlumency lesson. The insights they found most fascinating were into Snape's character.

Chapter's 26-29 Answers
# 1: The Wizarding World finally hears the story of Voldemort's return and Cedric's death.

# 2: Player's got the chance to discover their Patronus at the WB Patronus App.

# 3: Snape's worst memory is of James Potter and Sirius Black bullying him in front of Lily Evans (and the entire school.)

Chapter's 30-33 Answers
# 1: Running away from school on your broomstick - of course after having caused mayhem and chaos.

# 2: Hagrid fought back against the 6 wizards that went to send him away from Hogwarts (including aurors and Umbridge.) After they stunned McGonagall and Fang, who were trying to protect Hagrid, he became enraged and knocked 4 of them out cold.

# 3: Umbridge gets carried off by the centaurs while in the forest with Harry and Hermione. (Deserved her right too.)

Chapter's 34-38 Answers
# 1: Mad-Eye Moody tells Vernon Dursley that he thinks he is the type of person that can be intimidated.

# 2: Sirius was hit with a curse (not Avada Kedavra) fell backwards through a curtain into an archway...

# 3: Player's were asked if they could ride a thestral if they could not see it.

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