Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second Prize Pack of the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '11

This is the Prize Package for the Chamber of Secrets. See the Sorcerer's Stone Prize Package that was won by Mark on 6/16. Need to know how to play? Want to check out open and past questions? It's all on the Events and Official Rules page! Anyone and everyone is eligible to play!

Harry Potter Cup full of Soft Peppermints
I know how jealous you all were when you didn't get a Harry Potter cup of your own, so this time I sweetened the deal. To the Pug's great disappointment, I didn't find any Peppermint Humbugs here in the U.S., so I went for the next best thing!

A Harry Potter Sticker
Time to decorate your laptop, notebook, or other various surfaces! (Willo says if you try and decorate her she will bite!)

Ron Weasley's Wand
Oreo the Pug used this wand with his Ron Weasley costume, Halloween 2010. He assures the winner that he has taken excellent care of it!

One is a fantastic Harry Potter marker, ribbon and all. The other is a commemorative Pug's H.P. Reading Challenge 2011 bookmark.

Collectible Harry Potter Cards
An unopened package of 11 booster cards.

An iron-on Gryffindor House Patch
It's time to break out that old dark t-shirt with the stain on the front and make it like new!

A Deathly Hallows Temporary Tattoo
These came out with the 7th book and you will be able to sport it to the 7th movie!

And last but not least, a signed photograph of a Pug!
 The pug will be featured with a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and they will personally sign it. Winner has their choice; Leo the Brindle, Oreo the Black, or Willo the Fawn.

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