Monday, August 14, 2017

The Vanishing Glass ~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '17

Your host this week is our guest, Poppi, who is a foster pug with APARN. She has 3 questions from The Vanishing Glass for you.                

1. Who makes Aunt Petunia a cup of strong sweet tea?       
2. Who all goes on the trip to the zoo?                    

3. What does the snake call Harry?




This weeks free bookmark will have the lovely design to the left on it. The background is Harry's cupboard. Dario the pug takes the place of Harry, with the boa constrictor flicking it's tongue at him. Dario appears to be dreaming of all the presidents Dudley received on that fateful birthday. At the top is the chapter stars featured in each of the House colors.                                               

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Boy Who Lived ~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '17

This chapter is now closed for answers, please visit the main page to answer the currently open questions! 

Your host this week is the queen of sass and class herself, Miss Willo, and she has 5 trivia questions for you from The Boy Who Lived. She wants to make sure you read carefully (or are forced to go track down those pesky answers).

1. What kind of owl fluttered past the window?
A large tawny owl 

2. What does Mr. Dursley not approve of?

3. Who did Professor McGonagall blame for the shooting stars?
Dedalus Diggle 

4. How many hands does Professor Dumbledore's watch have?
Twelve hands 

5. What is Professor Dumbledore's scar of?
A perfect map of the London Underground

And here is this weeks prize! A person who participates in the challenge by answering the trivia questions correctly in the comments, will have their name drawn to win! See official rules here.

This upcycled metal bookmark is dye sublimated with a special image for the first chapter of the 2017 Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge.

It features Oreo the pug who passed away a short time ago and inspired bringing back the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge. Oreo is surrounded by elements from the first chapter of the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone; Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, Privet Drive, an owl, the chapter stars, a spider web, and Harry Potter himself.

If you would like to purchase this bookmark, you can do so here.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Return of the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Oreo from a previous challenge
I'm excited to announce the return of the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge!
It's been a number of years since the pugs challenged us last to read Harry Potter. Our number one challenger and expert picture poser was Oreo. Sadly, just two days ago Oreo left to run free at the Rainbow Bridge, but we know he is here in spirit with us! In his honor and to bring back some fun in our lives, here we are again to read the fantastic little book series.

The landscape has changed a good deal since I posted last, namely the fact that our bookstore is going stronger than ever! And we now make custom fan gear! In that we will be making a a special design for each chapter of our Pugs Harry Potter Reading Challenge, we will give away a bookmark with each design on it. You can purchase the design on other items (and as a bookmark) at our store. I'll post the design later this week.

The way it will work is thus:
Each week, starting August 7th, we will post 3 questions from a chapter of the book. So next week our questions will come from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Boy Who Lived. We will be using the new illustrated version of the book when we come up with the questions (pictured below with Willo). Each person will leave their answers in the comments. Is it an honor system? Yes, yes it is. For each question answered correctly, the persons name will be entered into a drawing for the bookmark. (Yes, that's 3 chances each one.) We will announce the winner and answers the day before the new questions. If it's confusing - don't worry! You'll get the hang of it!

Just make sure to read the first chapter of the first book this week! Enjoy!
Willo and the Sorcerer's Stone 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Countdown of 26 small, local, and direct sales businesses for alternative shopping this holiday season!

         Hello all and Happy Holidays! 
I know it's been forever since you have heard from me! I have been busy, busy, busy working my way towards a brick and mortar bookstore. We have a name - it's official, The Scribbled Hollow. I've been  building our website and other various aspects of our business. This week I and my boyfriend counted down on our business Facebook's 26 other businesses we thought would be good for holiday shopping. While theses businesses may be owned by friends, or favorite places to shop, there are a few we have never stepped foot in and they were all chosen without incentive from their owners. I hope you enjoy! If you would like to follow me on Facebook you can catch me here: 

            Dogs Etc. Pet Boutique - #26
FB: Dogs Etc. Pet Boutique 

Dogs Etc. is a small specialty pet store in the Park West Mall in Peoria, AZ. It's great for cute and unique gifts for your pet as well as pet lovers. They support the local rescue community and they also have great treats!  

Facebook Comment:  i luv this place. they do photos to during the holidays with your pet.

            Southwest Gardener - #25
            FB: Southwest Gardener

Ever been shopping for a CUTE garden gnome? Well, shop no further. Southwest Gardener has a great many wonderfully cute and useful garden items for the gardener in your life. 

            Dog Eared Pages Used Books - #24
FB: Dog-Eared Pages Used Books

This little bookstore was under threat of closure this last summer. They didn't give up and the community stepped up to help keep them in business. If you're looking for books and want to support a dream and a company that won't give up - you can't go wrong here.

            Whozitz & Whatzitz Unique Gifts and Cards -#23
FB: Whozitz and Whatzitz Unique Gifts and Cards

Looking for the unique? An eclectic range of gifts for everyone in your life? This will be a great place to shop this Christmas! Don't give the gift people expect.

            The Oink Café - #22
FB: The Oink Café

This place comes highly recommended from bacon lovers! And with 5 different types of bacon, how could you go wrong for the bacon lover in your life? 

            Junky Trunk Boutique -#21
            FB: Junky Trunk Boutique

With a name like Junky Trunk how can you resist checking out this little shop? And according to the person who suggested it for our countdown she adores the place. Who's the fashion person in your life? 

           Thrifty Joe’s - #20
           FB: Thrifty Joe's Books & Music

Don't get me wrong - this is a fantastic used bookstore but it does something even better. Have a record lover in your life? You know those large black discs from forever ago? They have a room full of them, just head straight back. 

           Beaver Street Brewery & Whistle Stop Café - #19
           FB: Beaver Street Brewery

If you want to give a piece of downtown Flagstaff, stop in for something from Beaver Street Brewery & Whistle Stop Cafe. It's a gift they won't forget soon. 

           Lulubell Toy Bodega - #18
           FB: 13. Lulubell Toy Bodega

If when you think of toys, you think Hot Wheels, My Little Pony, and baby dolls, you need some education - stat. Lulubell's Toy Bodega can help you with that. 

          Elgin Nursery - #17
          FB: Elgin Nursery & Tree Farms

If you ever get the crazy idea to give your true love all the gifts from the song 12 days of Christmas, Elgin will be able to help you out with the 12 pear trees. Seriously, though, this a wonderful place to shop for plants with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

           Changing Hands -#16
           FB: Changing Hands Bookstore

This is an awesome indie bookstore and if you're looking for a truly special gift for someone, I recommend keeping an eye on them year round for when that person's favorite author comes to sign. Can't make it in person to the signing? Not to worry, the Changing Hands staff can help you out with getting a book signed and shipped. 

            Don Lencho’s -#15
            FB: Don Lencho's Mexican and Seafood Restaurant

You know that person in your life? The one always looking for authentic Mexican? Help them in their goal with this little hole in the wall in downtown Peoria. 

            Rainbow’s End  -#14
FB: Rainbow’s End

In Flagstaff and need a funky boutique to pick up fashionable items? Here you go. 

          The Poisoned Pen -#13
          FB: The Poisoned Pen Bookstore

If you're looking for atmosphere in a bookstore look no further! Poisoned Pen should teach lessons on atmosphere. Since they don't though, you're going to have to settle for a wonderful shopping experience. 

         La Fonda -#12  
         FB: La Fonda Mexican Restaurant

Is it possible to get more authentic than a 56 year old Mexican restaurant in small town Arizona? Possibly, but will they be better practiced? Well, you're definitely going to have to start here to determine it! 

         Peace Surplus -#11  
         FB: Peace Surplus

Shopping for an outdoor enthusiast? Well as the outdoor capitol of Arizona Flagstaff boasts a good many stores, our personal favorite was the friendly and long lived Peace Surplus. 

         Jesse James Comics -#10  
         FB: Jesse James Comics

Have a comic lover in your life and don't have a clue about them? Since Jesse James is known for hiring experts I'm pretty sure they'll be able to make you a "gift hero." (Had to try that one on for size.) 

         Milano Music Center -#9
         FB: Milano Music

If you grew up in Arizona involved with music, you know Milano's, but did you know they are an Arizona company? Relive your childhood and share with your kids the love of music. 

        Easley’s Fun Shop -#8
        FB: Easley's Fun Shop

Known for their costumes at Halloween time but they keep up a good selection year round. Use your creative mind to it's fullest extent! Masked ball at New Years anyone? 

       Samurai Comics - #7
       FB: Samurai Comics

Sometimes, all you need is a good, old fashioned comic book. Or maybe a subscription. Or maybe action figures. Or... Well look no further! 

        Westside Furniture -#6
        FB: Westside Design Furniture

New furniture for Christmas? I'm not saying no! But just in case you are, no worries this little furniture store has plenty of cool knick-knacks. 

        Bookmans -#5
        FB: Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Started in Tucson, traveled to Flagstaff, and then hit Phoenix, this is more than just a used bookstore. Need a musical instrument? CD? Movie? Book? Knick-knacks? Antiques? If you can't find at least one gift here, you need new friends. (You're stuck with the family.) 

       BBW Boutique -#4
       FB: BBW Boutique

Dresses, shirts, skirts, oh my! This is one of our favorite finds with wonderful and unique clothes! 

        Four Peaks Brewing Company -#3
        FB: Four Peaks Brewing Company

Personally, we love their Kilt Lifter Ale but they have plenty more going for them! Don't want to do a gift card? Get a t-shirt, or hat, or.... 

          A-Z Print & Ship -#2
          FB: A-Z Print & Ship

Shipping sucks. Let the pleasant folks and good prices at this local shipping store make it suck less. 
            Pixie Fish Bowtique -#1
            FB: Pixie Fish Bowtique

Need something cute, fashionable, and useful this holiday season? Look no further! 

(We are aware of the text, alignment, and visual issues on LitPool and are working to resolve them. If you are Blogger expert and have any suggestions I welcome them!)   

Friday, December 21, 2012

Winner's Announced: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '12

Who are our player's? 




StarWormwood12755 aka Kim!

The person with the most points is .....................................................................................................................................................................
Congratulations Ingrid! And great job! You have the choice between a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in a language of your choice OR a $10 gift card to a bookstore of your choice! 

And now in the tradition of the Pug's HP Reading Challenge, Willo will draw a name eating it!
StarWormwood12755 aka Kim!
Congratulations Kim! You too have a choice between a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in a language of your choice OR a $10 gift card to a bookstore of your choice! 

If our very lazy scribe has not contacted you about receiving ALL  your prizes, never fear! We will bite her into action! 

And hopefully, 
 we will return in 2013 with another Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge! 
Leo, Oreo, Willo, and Tyra 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '12

Trivia 5
Who finds Hermione and Ron at the top of the Astronomy Tower? 

 Pottermore 10
What important item should you collect from Hagrid's fire?

Opinion/Discussion 15
How likely do you think it that Madam Pomfrey knew very well what bit Ron? 

We know how busy the holiday's get and so though we understand why people have dropped out playing it makes us very sad. There's still plenty of time to play though! And so this week we are asking for a freebie from you! We ask that you not only play this round but that you ask a friend to play! Lots of pug hugs and kisses. 
Leo, Oreo, Willo, and Tyra 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nicolas Flamel: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '12

Trivia 5
How old is Perenelle Flamel in the book that Hermione reads? 

Pottermore 10
Stare deep into the flames, what do you see? 

Opinion/Discussion 15
Would you take the Elixir of Life? 

Since no one won the free book from last round, it's still up for grabs! To get it, you must earn FULL points! The books value is $5. Our scribe is covering all costs including tax and shipping. You can see the selection of books at