Saturday, June 11, 2011

Questions on Sorcerer's Stone Chapters 1-4 for Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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Question # 1: While wandering through the zoo with your prat of a cousin and his best friend, you set a wild animal loose on the two of them. What animal is it?

Question # 2: Just how many letters did Harry get on Saturday?
Question # 3: Other than setting a boa constrictor on his cousin, what is one of the other strange things Harry has done?

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And remember, no peeking at other's answers until you've done your own! ;)


  1. Hello! Amber here. I can't play for prizes but the questions are the fun part!

    #1 I set loose a capybera on my cousin, who really was a prat!

    #2 Answering your own trivia question with an exact answer is a bit narcissistic, so I pass.

    #3 He shrunk a brown sweater with orange puffballs on it.

  2. This is Mark

    1) Monkey
    2) 1,000,000,000
    3) H sleeps under the stairs

  3. Thank you Mark! You are the first name in the drawing for our fabulous prizes!

  4. You can't play without me! Here are my answers:

    1. I would set loose a giant tortoise because all my cousins are pretty cool.

    2. On Saturday he received 24 letters (and they were destroyed in a food processor).

    3. He accidently grew back all his hair overnight after a terrible hair cut from his aunt.

    Woohoo! Keep'em comin'!

  5. Thank you Ingrid! We now have running around our little zoo: a capybera, a monkey and a giant tortoise. Somehow I don't think anyone's in any serious danger yet... except for maybe getting poop flung in hair!

  6. #1. A Hippo
    #2. Letters, hmmm. ummm, yah...
    #3. Harry did strange things? seriously

  7. Thank you to our new anonymous player who set a Hippo loose on their cousin! (hippo's can be nasty man) Unfortunately I can't enter you into the prize drawing just yet - I don't have a "handle" or name for you! It can be a made up name that's ok! All you need to do is leave another comment... with your name and that you posted before with a Hippo!