Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2012

Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '12

To see the Official Rules please scroll downwards.

The 2012 edition of the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge will be on the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone. All the posts for the Challenge are pre-planned and barring technical malfunctions will post at 8pm Monday nights and 6pm Friday nights. Each set of questions will be open and answerable until the next set posts at which time they will be closed and points for that round will be tallied. Please scroll down for further details. 

Sunday 21st - Announcement
Monday 22ndThe Boy Who Lived 
Friday 26thThe Vanishing Glass 
Monday 29thThe Letter's from No One

Friday 2ndThe Keeper of the Keys
Monday 5thDiagon Alley 
Monday 12thThe Sorting Hat 
Friday 16thThe Potions Master 
Monday 26th – The Midnight Duel 
Wednesday  28th – Halloween 


Monday 3rd – Quidditch
Wednesday 5th  – The Mirror of Erised
Monday 10th – Nicolas Flamel
 Wedneday 12th Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback
 **cancelled due to lack of interest** Bad holidays! 
Friday 14th – The Forbidden Forest
 Monday 17th– Through the Trapdoor 
 Wednesday 19th – The Man with Two Faces 
Friday 21st – Winner’s announced! 

Official Rules


Litpool is not affiliated or supported by Pottermore in any form or fashion. 

The following rules, interpretation of, and determining any violation of these rules are subject to the sole discretion of the proprietor of LitPool.

No purchase is necessary. Purchase will not improve chances of winning.

Rules are subject to change on an as needed basis. Any changes will be posted here and announced via blog post. Changes will take affect immediately upon being posted. 

Honor Code:

Many aspects of the challenge will be done "on your honor." Violations of the honor code will include and not be limited to: false misrepresentations, posting as multiple people (please see kiddos below), abuse of any kind.

Violations of the honor code will result in immediate and permanent termination from the challenge. Also, any prizes won will be rescinded. 

How to Play and Points: 

Put your answers in the comments section of the blogpost which has the questions you are answering. 

For each chapter there will be 3 questions each with a different level of points. 

1. A trivia question: 5 points
A simple straightforward piece of trivia from the current chapter of the book. 

2. Pottermore: 10 points
Trivia, activities, and items related to or on Pottermore. 

3. Opinion/Discussion: 15 points
Can be book or Pottermore or both related. Will require 3 parts to the answer (5 points each.)

  • Define the answer
  • Provide an opinion
  • Support your opinion 
      Ex: Question: What is the Harry Potter series about?
             Answer: A boy who discovers he's a wizard and his life for the next 7 years. I think the series is fabulous. It is a well crafted tale that not only entertains but has many moral lessons as well. 

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for Pottermore is not required but as there is parts of the challenge that do come from Pottermore I highly, highly suggest it.

As there are different versions of the Harry Potter books if you feel that one of your answers is correct but we labeled it as incorrect please email me to resolve; amberpugs@gmail.com.

Your Handle:

There are several ways to post a comment on Blogger. Feel free to use any one of them, including anonymous. If you do post anonymously, you need to choose a 'handle' to use that you place in each of your comments. I suggest you use your Pottermore name. However, you can use whatever you like; your name, a nickname, a screen name, etc. Your handle should remain the same throughout the entire challenge. 


Your kids want to take part too! Fantastic! This can make a wonderful family event! You can read the book out loud to each other or maybe they've read it before. BUT, you say, my kids don't have their own Internet account. Not a problem! All they need is a Handle! Please don't use the same account for two different people, see Honor Code above. Remember, they can always comment anonymously, because their Handle will be in their comment. 


The fun is in the challenge but to sweeten the pot there will be prizes! The person with the most points wins (of course) and another person randomly drawn will also receive a prize. 

The prize is a copy of the first Harry Potter ebook in a language of their choice OR a $10 gift card to a bookstore of their choice. 

What are the stipulations to this you ask? In order to collect the ebook you must be able to receive it as a gift from Pottermore. The bookstore gift card must be one that can be purchased by myself locally or online and likely a mailing address will need to provided in order for it to be received.  

Other small prizes may be offered throughout the challenge. In order to receive these you must provide an email address or mailing address as needed. 

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