Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some thoughts from my head

I really should be posting a book review or at the very least an On Tour. However, I've been so busy and such I'm just not up to it. I do want to communicate with the other bibliophiles who have the kindness to follow me though, so here are some thoughts from my head.

Fandoms! What with The Hunger Games, thecapitol.pn, Pottermore, and MyHogwarts.co.uk, Twilight... Fandoms have seemingly taken over the world. I know at least one of you are a faithful fandom participant and I'm a hardcore Potterhead. Somehow when I  should actually be growing away from the Harry Potter fandom I've become more obssessed with it. I'm on Pottermore (RoseUnicorn152 if any of you are) and MyHogwarts.co.uk (just plain old me.) I would love to spend more time obsessing over the Hunger Games and I have been to Forks. I love the fandoms! I firmly believe that the author should have full say of how their material is used and I believe their generosity of spirit is what makes it all so wonderfully real for us fanatics. I'm curious as to how you all feel about fandoms?

And of course... Fanfics! It it literature? It's up to the individual if it is worth writing or even reading, however would there ever be a place for reviewing Fanfics? Should there be a blog and a podcast on Fanfic reviews? (Are there? there has to be right?) Should FanFiction be judged and critiqued along with original literature? It's real, it's writing, and some of it is really quite good, but is FanFic literature? Your thoughts!

Rambling! Is there any place for it in a themed blog? Like a book blog or a fashion blog... hold on is there anything other than a book blog? Oh right! Writer's blogs and they definitely ramble. ;) They just do it well.

For a final thought from my head:

Go to a blog, or fandom website, or something of that sort and click on an ad. The owner(s) will love you for it.

Have a wonderful day!