Thursday, August 18, 2011

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

Penned By: Rick Riordan

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

The second book in the series opens with a fiery bang and with breakneck hilarity readers are taken on another adventure with the young demigod. As if last summers discoveries weren't enough for a lifetime, Percy will find that being a member of the Olympic family means there's always at least one more skeleton in the closet. Besides a refresher in Greek mythology and humorous adventures, The Sea of Monsters will present readers with the opportunity to contemplate what's really important in life.

Quote: "Mythologically speaking, if there's anything I hate worse than trios of old ladies, it's bulls."

Genus: Fantastical Worlds

Era: Young at Heart

Difficulty: 1

Determination: For the genus lover

Series: Yes, the 2nd of 5 - Read 1st book review: The Lightning Thief

Film: No

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Deathly Hallows Winner Announced

And now for the final and absolutely fabulous winner...



 Thank you all for playing, commenting, reading, and laughing at pugs! I hope to see you more!
If you would like to see the answer's to the Deathly Hallows questions please keep reading!

Chapter's 1-4 Answers
# 1: Player's contemplated the lives of the Dursley's after leaving Number Four Privet Drive.

# 2: Dudley doesn't believe Harry is a waste of space and acknowledges that Harry saved his life.

# 3: Albus Dumbledore had two sibling's named Aberforth and Ariana.

Chapter's 5-8 Answers
# 1: Lupin believes that Expelliarmus gave Harry away, that it was his "signature" move and note what spell finishes Voldemort in the end. (Page 743)

# 2: The Weasley's family ghoul is going to pretend to be Ron with spattergoit.

# 3: Luna immediately recognizes Harry at the wedding, even though he's disguised with polyjuice potion.

Chapter's 9-12 Answers
# 1: Harry finds a letter from his mother in Sirius' old room.

# 2: Both Sirius and Voldemort paid for the way they treated house-elves.

# 3: Remus Lupin shows up at Grimmauld place offering his help.

Chapter's 13-16 Answers
# 1: Harry retrieves Alastor Moody's eye from Umbridge's office.

# 2: The people that Harry, Ron, and Hermione came across in the woods were Griphook, Gornuk, Ted Tonks, Dean Thomas, and Dirk Cresswell.

# 3: The war memorial in Godric's Hollow changes into a statue of Harry and his family when Harry was a baby.

Chapter's 17-20 Answers
# 1: Written all around the sign on the outside of Harry's parent's house are support statements for Harry.

# 2: "Two objects that resembled golden ear trumpets curved out from the sides. A tiny pair of glittering blue wings was stuck to a leather strap that ran over the top of her head, while one of the orange radishes had been stuck to a second strap around her forehead."

# 3: Harry love's Hermione like a sister.

Chapter's 21-24 Answers
# 1: Luna decorate her bedroom ceiling with the five faces of her friends; Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Neville. Surrounding them is the word friends in gold ink chained together.

# 2: Player's were able to choose their own Potterwatch codename; Shojo and Markieboo will be guests next week! LOL.

# 3: Peter Pettigrew's own magical silver hand strangles him to death. I guess that's what you get for trying to kill someone who you are indebted to for your life.

Extra Credit: Gellart Grindlewald refuses to tell Voldemort where the Elder Wand is, Voldemort kills him for it.

Chapter's 25-28 Answers
# 1: Lupin asks Harry to be godfather to his and Tonks son, Teddy.

# 2: A Death Eater using the spell, Accio, was unable to summon Harry's invisibility cloak.

# 3 : There was a massive duel between brother's Aberforth and Albus, and Gellert Grindlewald. Ariana was struck with a killing curse.

Chapter's 29-32 Answers
# 1: Harry uses the Cruciatus curse on Amycus Carrow for spitting in Professor McGonagall's face.

# 2: Neville's grandmother was a bit more than the Death Eater's could handle and she hospitalized Dawlish.

# 3: Professor Trelawney knocks out Fenrir Greyback with a crystal ball.

Chapter's 33-36 Answers
# 1: Severus and Lily found the letter that Dumbledore wrote to Petunia explaining why she could not come to Hogwarts.

# 2: Snape was aiming for a Death Eater's wand hand that was pointed at Lupin's back when his Sectumsempra spell went awry and struck George instead.

# 3: In the end, Harry uses Voldemort's real name, Riddle.

Extra Credit: The last act of the Elder Wand was to repair Harry's phoenix feather wand.

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