LitPool Cypher

Variety is the spice of life and creativity is the ruler of fiction. Abiding by this rule LitPool has it's own system of book categorization. This page helps decipher the verbage used.

Genus:  Instead of placing books into genres, I allow them to take on a life of their own and place each into a larger "family" of books. Each genus does not necessarily coincide with a recognized genre. So far discovered genus's:
  • Literary Minded
  • Realistic Future
  • Lovey Dovey
  • Tech Minded
  • Fantasy Minded
  • Fantastical Worlds
  • Flash in the Pan
  • Whodunit
Era: I firmly believe that age should not restrict what we read. Afterall, who doesn't love Young Adult Fiction? So, I'm placing books into the following era's:
  • Little Ones
  • Young at Heart
  • Everyone
  • Older is Better
Difficulty: I decide these ratings considering many factors and with the knowledge that everybody's reading abilities are different. Something I struggle to get through, another person may breeze through because of different interests. I try to consider complexity, length of book, amount of time, and knowledge needed for understanding.

        Scale: 1-5

Determination: This is where I determine who should read this book. I have decided on 4 categories, but much like genus, their is growth potential. This is where I will also recommend similar books.
  • Must read - books in this category should be required reading for everyone at some point in their life
  • For the genus lover - these books are likely "hardcore" and may not be for the every day reader
  • Casual read - these are likely literary minded books that are lighter in nature
  • Hardcore read - these are likely literary minded books that have a high difficulty rating and are for the serious reader
Think I should change something or have a suggestion? Let me know about it!