Monday, June 27, 2011

Goblet of Fire Chapter's 6-9 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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~ The Portkey ~ Bagman and Crouch ~ The Quidditch World Cup ~ The Dark Mark ~

Question # 1: What are the Bulgarian mascots?

Question # 2: What did the Bulgarian Minister find very funny?

Question # 3: Who is accused of setting off the Dark Mark?  

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  1. Great contest. Okay, I know these questions.

    #1. The Bulgarian Mascots are Veela

    #2. The fact that Fudge had miming everything for him all day.

    #3. Winky

  2. 1) Bulgarians have a huge mascott but not sure of the name

    2) not sure

    3) Sirus

  3. Welcome Stephanie! And thank you. We're excited to have you join us. :) I have to agree with the Bulgarian minister - it is pretty funny.