Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '17


Official Rules


The following rules, interpretation of, and determining any violation of these rules are subject to the sole discretion of the proprietor of LitPool.

No purchase is necessary. Purchase will not improve chances of winning a prize.

Rules are subject to change on an as needed basis and only when necessary. Any changes will be posted here and announced via blog post. Changes will take effect immediately upon being posted.

The purpose of this challenge is to have fun reading the Harry Potter Books together and for some people the first time!

Litpool and The Scribbled Hollow is not affiliated or supported by J.K. Rowling, Pottermore, or Jim Kay in any form or fashion. All rights are reserved by all parties.

Honor Code:

Many aspects of the challenge will be done "on your honor." Violations of the honor code will include and not be limited to: false misrepresentations, stealing answers, posting as multiple people (please see kiddos below), abuse of any kind.

Violations of the honor code will result in immediate and permanent termination from the challenge. Also, any prizes won and not shipped will be rescinded.

How to Play:

Each week we will present a new set of trivia question(s) or challenge(s) based on the chapter we are on. There are times we may take a week off such as holidays.

Put your answers in the comments section of the blog post which has the questions/challenges you are answering.

For each question you answer correctly or challenge you complete successfully, your name will be entered into a drawing for that weeks prize.

Source Material:

Trivia will be taken from the Jim Kay illustrated versions of the Harry Potter books.
Pottermore will be used from time to time for Challenges.
Challenges could be something creative, a small research project, etc.
This is the area that may be most subject to a rule change.

Your Handle or Name: 

There are several ways to post a comment on Blogger. Feel free to use any one of them, including anonymous. If you do post anonymously, you need to choose a 'handle' to use that you place in each of your comments. Your handle should remain the same throughout the entire challenge.


Your kids want to take part too! Fantastic! This can be a wonderful family event! You can read the book out loud to each other or maybe they've read it before. BUT, you say, my kids don't have their own internet account. Not a problem! All they need is a Handle! Please don't use the same account for two different people, see Honor Code above. Remember, they can always comment anonymously, because their Handle will be in their comment.


The fun is in the challenge but to sweeten the pot there will be prizes! All prizes will be produced for the challenge by The Scribbled Hollow and announced each week. The items will also be available for purchase. A valid mailing address must be provided to receive the prize and will not be sold or published.

Prizes are free and no purchase is necessary, standard shipping in the continental United States of each prize will be covered in full. Shipping outside of the continental United States will need to be reviewed and we may be forced to decline if it is excessive or if we encounter issues with customs. We do not anticipate any issues or excess cost shipping outside of the U.S. but want to cover all bases.

Facebook Group:

We started a Facebook group titled Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge. This is intended for people who are participating who would like to discuss the books or challenge further! Participation in the challenge on LitPool is not required to be in the Facebook group. The same Honor Code will apply and since it is a discussion group spoilers from chapters that have not yet been covered will be prohibited.