Monday, June 20, 2011

Chamber of Secrets Chapters 15-18 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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Sorry for the delay folks! When I went to post these questions last night Blogger refused to cooperate! Ahh! Technology - isn't it grand?

~ Aragog ~ The Chamber of Secrets ~ The Heir of Slytherin ~ Dobby's Reward ~

Question # 1: Who saves Harry from basilisk venom?
Question # 2: How and with what clothing article is Dobby set free?
Question # 3: Not onlyEvil Dark Lords need aliases. Mix up your name and make a new title for yourself. No leaving any letters out!

Since this is the last round you have only 24 hours left to answer any and all questions from the Chamber of Secrets! Tuesday the 21st at 12:30 pm (AZ time) the questions will close. No later than 12:30 am on 6/22 the winner for this book will be announced!

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  1. #1 & 2 Once again I have to pass on account of answering your own question that has only a single answer is narcissistic.

    #3 So here are my letters:


    A Merry Able Maramura

    Upon review, I think I have a bone to pick with my mother! LOL

  2. I say a lot, but I will try to control myself:

    1. Fawkes, the Phoenix, saves Harry from the basilisk venom by crying about it - I mean on it.

    2. Dobby is freed by Harry's stinky, slimy sock. Contrary to movie material, he put the diary in the sock and shoved it into Mr. Malfoy's hands. The evil man ripped off the sock and threw it aside. It happened to conveniently go in Dobby's direction, and we all know (for future reference) that a gift of clothing from the Master will free a house elf.

    3. Letters are: abcdegiijnnors
    My new name is: Dennica Jorgbis - if you hear this name you should run in fear from now on!!! I am She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! Never mind, I'm back, don't fear, the dark side isn't all that great.

  3. 1. Fawkes

    2. Harry's sock (and therefore the importance of socks in the rest of the books and especially when Ron removes his socks to put them with Dobby when Harry buries him *sob*)

    3. Wovna Neader (Ew)

  4. Dennica Jorgbis and Wovna Neader. Hehehehehe. Those so sound like names JK would come up with! I should have you guys come up with something better for me. :)

  5. Per request, here are the pugs new names:

    Gulpee Gaglolos

    Gee Loop Rusalogg

    Gagil Voll Wolves