Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorcerer's Stone Winner!

Willo chased around little blue papers on the floor until she snatched one up and ate it! So then the rest of the papers were tallied and the missing name was....


Let's show him what he's won!

Prize package for Harry  Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Thank you Mark for playing, the pugs and I look forward to you playing again next week when you can win another fabulous prize pack!

If you would like to see the answer's to the Sorcerer's Stone questions please keep reading!
Otherwise, you can go to the Official Rules and Events page to answer open questions!  

Chapter's 1-4 Answers
# 1: Player's set loose animals at the zoo on their cousins. Running around that zoo are a monkey, hippo, giant tortoise and capybera.

#2: On Saturday, Harry received 24 letters rolled up inside 2 dozen eggs. As Ingrid points out, they were shredded in a food processor.

#3: Harry did a number of unusual things before he found out he was a wizard. The one's named were: he shrunk a brown sweater with orange puffballs on it, he slept under the stairs, and he grew back all his hair overnight after a terrible hair cut.

Chapter's 5-8 Answers
#1: Players were suddenly given a magical pet as a gift, they got a kneazle, a giraffe, and a dragon!

#2: Dumbledore discovered 12 uses of dragon's blood.

#3: A peppermint humbug is a hard peppermint candy with a soft chewy center, they are usually striped in black & white or brown & tan. They taste like peppermint of course.

Chapter's 9-12 Answers
#1: Player's were given their very own massive three-headed pug! They named them Trio and Low.

#2: Harry, Ron, and Hermione bonded over knocking out a mountain troll. Our players bonded over a coke and choking on a fly.

#3: Harry's very first Quidditch game, Gryffindor beat Slytherin 170 to 60.

Chapter's 13-17 Answers
#1: Our player's were helping Hagrid with Norbert when Norbert bit them! However, they told Madam Pomfrey that they were bit by a sea monster and Ingrid.

#2: To perform the leg-locker curse you must say, "Locomotor Mortis."

#3: The answer to Snape's Logic puzzle to go forward and face Voldemort is the third bottle from the left.

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