Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chamber of Secrets Chapters 3-6 Questions: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2011

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~ The Burrow ~ At Flourish and Blotts ~ The Whomping Willow ~ Gilderoy Lockhart ~

Question # 1: What does Harry warn Fred and George of?

Question # 2: If you could plant a Whomping Willow anywhere, where would it be? And why of course!

Question # 3: You're in a classroom surrounded by Cornish pixies! What do you do?

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  1. I'm suppossed to first announce that Willo takes great offense to her name being misspelled and wonders where she can lodge an official complaint? LOL!

    #2: I would plant a Whomping Willow in front of my library cut out and lock myself in the room so my reading would be undisturbed!

    #3: I run for it! Afterall, I'm just a muggle.

  2. 1. I'd have to pull out my books to remember #1. They're marked up and color coded from when I was preparing for the release of the last book. =D

    2. I think I'd take a pass on the WW because I live in too highly populated and area and I'd be sure to be sued.

    3. Peskipiksi Pesternomi

  3. Welcome Donna! You have been entered into the drawing with 2 names since you are a new follower here at LitPool too!

    I too performed a critical literary analysis on the Harry Potter series when I was finishing up my English degree in college. So we're in good company!

  4. Amber, mine was a rabid hobby. I SO wish I could have done a college course around the books. I'm a moderator at the Leaky Lounge--forum for The Leaky Cauldron. Hard to believe it's been five years. I saw the newest trailer for DH2 tonight and had to contain myself from squeeing.

    Nice to meet you, too!

  5. 1) Death

    2) not sure on this one

    3) run

  6. Taking a break and on a roll!

    1. Harry warned the infamous twins about the creeeaaakyy bottom stair (please use an ominous whisper while reading).

    2. I would plant a Whomping Willow near Haert to help the Adem reach true Lethani (reference "The Wise Man's Fear - and yes, I brought another book into it).

    3. Cornish pixies? Well, remember the pet dragon I wanted? For him, that's an after-school snack!

  7. Awesome Ingrid! I'm all good with other book references.