Monday, June 6, 2011

Bones of Faerie

Penned By: Janni Lee Simner

Janni Lee Simner defines in medias res in this astonishing tale of the future. A heart-wrenchingly beautiful story that proves what you don't know, is what truly hurts you. If you're the type that believes there is much more to this world than we know, this is a story for you. Follow Liza on a path of discovery that in the end will prove how strong she truly is. A fast, can't put down read in which the author pulls no punchs.
Genus: Fantastical Worlds

Era: Everyone

Difficulty: 2

Determination: For the genus lover

Series: Yes, 1st of 2 (so far)
Film: No

Quote: "One of the oaks threw an acorn at us. It grazed my ear. 'We're going to find my mother, like Karin said.' I picked up the acorn and flung it back into the forest."

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