Monday, May 2, 2011


Photograph by: Amber Murray
 Penned By: Aprilynne Pike

It's everyone's dream to be unique and gifted while also being accepted and loved. Though while this is a fairytale adventure with a bit of romance and mystery thrown in, it fulfills that dream beautifully. Aprilynne Pike's faeries are fascinatingly unique. The reader is immersed into the fantasy world slowly and thus making it a more believable tale. It constantly leaves the reader craving more of the unknown. The main character's story dovetails neatly and she is wonderfully relatable. Teenage and adult readers alike will appreciate her dilemmas and cheer her triumphs.

Quote: "With the arrival of darkness came an unspoken permission to think dark thoughts as well."

Genus: Fantasy Minded

Era: Everyone

Difficulty: 2

Determination: For the genus lover

Series:  Yes! The third releases tomorrow, May 3rd!

Film: No

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