Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Photo by Amber Murray

Penned By: Aprilynne Pike

The third book in this series lives up to both it's name and fan expectations. True to life, Laurel's decision's only become harder and more complicated as she grows older. Each chapter will leave the reader dying to know more (I read this in just over a day when I was really busy) and also thinking, "What on Avalon is going on?!" Yes, it's a fairy tale, yes, it's a romance, yes, it's an action adventure, finally it's a mystery. A fantastic, wonderful mystery.

Photo by Amber Murray
If I ever get to see Aprilynne Pike again, I'm asking how much of The Princess Bride, she watched as a kid.

Quote: "Would it hurt you more if I was with David because I loved him, or if I was with David because I wanted to make you jealous?"

Genus: Fantasy Minded
Era: Everyone
Difficulty: 2
Determination: For the genus lover
Series:  Yes - Check out my blog on book one, Wings. Check out my blog on book two, Spells.
Aprilynne and I at Poisoned Pen on May 2nd.
Film: No, but when I saw Aprilynne Pike at the signing she was in the process of negotiating a movie contract for Wings.
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  1. I really wanted the main theme song from Princess Bride (without words) for this book. Sadly, Playlist.com didn't have it and I had to settle for a random, wordless, song from the movie.