Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kim Asks About Her Future With Ernesto

Penned By: Dan Crawley

This tale is what is known as flash fiction, a newly popular and extremely short form of short stories. (I guess you could say LitPool is the flash blog of book reviews.) I explain because in order to review something that is less than 400 words is difficult... and brief.

Actions speak louder than words but words are sometimes needed to explain ones actions. In this very carefully worded tale a woman decides her life direction with a hug.

Quote: "He imperceptibly -- maybe a quick wince in his left eye -- flinched as she came at him."

Genus: Flash in the Pan 

Era: Older is Better

Difficulty: 2

Determination: Casual read

Series: No

Film: No

Your type of tale? Try these: One Of These Days by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Powder by Tobias Wolff, Come into the Garden, Maud by Don Nigro

Kim Asks About Her Future With Ernesto is published at Glossolalia so go ahead and read it now!

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