Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Mugged Pug

Penned By: Darrel and Sally Odgers

Shuffle, the Australian pug is having a really bad day. His owner, Walter Barkly, has gone off for the weekend and left him with the annoying neighbor, Uptown Lord Setter, a hyper-active red setter. When Shuffle decides to walk home his day goes from bad to worse when he gets mugged and lands in the pound. The local human police sergeant springs him and takes him back to his place where Dog Detective, Jack Russel, lives. Jack of course immediately takes Shuffle's mugging case. Will Jack and his sidekick Foxie, a fox terrier, be in time to catch the culprit before he flees town?

My 7 year old niece loves this book series! Of course, the fact that 2 of her dogs have been a Jack Russel (Patch) and a toy fox terrier (Foxie) couldn't possibly have anything to do with it.

Quote: "Most dogs lie with their noses on their paws. Pugs have their noses in a different place. Therefore, pugs lie with their jaws on their paws. This is a fact."

Genus: Adventurous*

Era: Little Ones

Difficulty: 1

Determination: For the genus lover

Series: Jack Russel: Dog Detective

Film: No

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*This is a new genus that I have not yet added to the Cypher

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