Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pugs, pugs, and more pugs!

If you're a follower over on my Facebook page you know that I made an announcement that LitPool will be returning this week in full force with a special theme! I'm sorry for my long absence but with a new job and all the poor blog just got put on the back burner but I hope to be back in full force with a regular 3-5 posts a week.

On to the theme! As many of you are likely aware I have two obsessions, books and pugs. And as evidenced by the Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge the two are not mutually exclusive! Every summer the local pug rescue, Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network (APARN), runs Arizona's Cutest Pug Contest. The prizes are 12 coveted spots in Arizona's Cutest Pug Calendar and first prize is being declared Arizona's Cutest Pug! The real prize though, is all the money that is raised for Arizona's pugs in need. Every $1 vote over the 12 weeks goes directly to help pay for the pugs that APARN rescues.

In the past my pug's Oreo (the black) and Willo (the fawn) have made it into the calendar. This year it's my pug Leo's (the brindle) turn and he has had an excellent run! If you would like to learn more about him and his competitors in the contest check out his Facebook page.

So, what's the theme already? Well, you see, it's calendar week! In honor of the 16 pugs still in the contest I'm posting a blog a day on a "pug" fiction book. At the end will be the return of an updated and much more challenging Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge 2012!

So if you like pugs why don't you head on over to APARN's contest and vote for a cute one! If you think they are just pugly, head on over to APARN's website and let those cute little puggies prove you wrong! Still not convinced? Stick around on LitPool these week and check out pugs in fiction!

And now a special message from Leo the Brindle Pug:

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