Friday, October 26, 2012

The Vanishing Glass: Pug's HP Reading Challenge '12


That boa constrictor's origin was Brazil but he was born right there in the London zoo. I guess it's like me, I'm from China but was born over in Scottsdale. 

I guess an alarm clock wouldn't really keep you awake but it sure will wake you up and you can collect one right here in this chapter. 

At the end of the chapter, the Dursley's lock Harry in his cupboard for the boa constrictor incident. We've always wondered if they let him out to go to his elementary/primary school since the year hadn't ended yet. 

Players this Round
Ingrid - Round: 30 Total: 60
Trivia - 5
So where we going? Brazil or England or Both? - Oreo
Pottermore -10
Well, it was supposed to be broken.... - Willo
Opinion/Discussion - 15
This makes very good sense. Now, that cupboard sounds like the perfect size for some little pugs who play too much. - Leo 

Mark - Round: 0 Total: 20

Trivia - 0
Pottermore - 0
Opinion/Discussion - 0

Ashley - Round: 15 Total: 30 
Trivia - 5
Brazil here we come! - Oreo
Pottermore - 0
Opinion/Discussion - 10
Who wants to go to school? - Leo 

StarWormwood12755 - Round: 30 Total: 30    
Trivia - 5 
Ordering round tickets for our trip at this moment. - Oreo  
Pottermore - 10
Perfectly what I was looking to collect. - Willo
Opinion/Discussion -15
As if you could stop a wizard going to school. Silly Uncle Butthole. - Leo

 Trivia 5 Points 
From what country did the boa constrictor originate? 
                                                              - Oreo

Pottermore 10 Points
What can you collect that will keep you awake? 
                                            - Willo

Opinion/Discussion 15 Points 
Do you think when Harry was locked in his cupboard he was let out to attend school? 
                                   - Leo                                                        

Our scribe gave away our beautiful bookmarks we had planned for this chapter last chapter. So, our freebie this round is a personalized picture (emailed) of a Pug (of your choice) in a Harry Potter costume for every player that earns at least 15 points. 
                                                                                                  - Tatum

Please leave all your answers in the comments below this post. The official rules have been updated and can be found on the information page.  If you have not read the information page, please do so here. If you still have questions please email our scribe at 


  1. oreo- brazil

    leo - when harry was locked in the cupboard he was taken out by his aunt and uncle because they didnt want him to go to the school but he was taken to the school when hagrid got there and hagrid took him there.

  2. 1) Brazil, technically, but since he'd never been there, he was bred in England at the zoo.

    2) An alarm clock?? Am not well versed on Pottermore and am trying to catch up!

    3) I think the British version makes reference to a school but I don't remember the American one saying anything about that other than that he was to go to St. Brutus' according to Uncle Butthole, uh I mean Uncle Vernon. Had to sign a paper agreeing to be able to go to his real school.

    Hope this works!


  3. Hey! It appears I'm the trickster this round. Te-he! - Leo

  4. Oreo - Weellll, his species originated in Brazil, but that specific snake was bred in captivity. :(

    Willo - I think you're referring to the alarm clock, though mine doesn't keep me awake, just wakes me up when I want it to. You need a new alarm clock, dear.

    Leo - I do think he was let out to attend the muggle school, otherwise there would have been no reference to him having no friends, mysteriously growing his hair back out of fear of embarrassment, and jumping on a roof to get away from Dudley's gang. School was a form of torture for him and it would have been my humble opinion.