Monday, October 29, 2012

The Letter's from No One: Pug's Harry Potter Reading Challenge '12


This question should have been WHO not what. Poor tortoise! I think the better question should be, why did Dudley have a tortoise?! - Tatum

Maybe it's the dryer, maybe the washer. I like watching our front loading washer but the dryer's booriing. Whatever it is - it's turning counter clockwise. -Oreo

In the words of Dudley Dursley, "Daddy's gone mad, hasn't he?" And they say I'm crazy! -Willo

Players this Round
Ingrid - Round: 20 Total: 80
Trivia - 5
Absolutely not! -Tatum
Pottermore - 5
Want to come watch the washer with me? -Oreo 
Opinion/Discussion - 15
I agree the police should be called. So who is nuttier? The old man or Vernon? hhmmm. - Willo

Mark - Round: 20 Total: 40
Trivia - 5
Well, you know. Hermio is named for a HP character and he lives in the room with the Tower Garden... - Tatum 
Pottermore - 5
As long as I'm not in it! 
Opinion/Discussion - 15
Yes, yes. I could definitely see where that would drive you insane! Especially the rooster! 

Ashley - Round: 0 Total: 30 
Trivia - 0
Pottermore - 0
Opinion/Discussion - 0

StarWormwood12755 aka Kim - Round: 30 Total: 60  
Trivia - 5
I sure hope that tortoise tucked himself in well! And at least he didn't get puked on! -Tatum
Pottermore - 10 
I do believe you are right! The scribe and I examined the chapter scene again and it appears the washer is a top loader! -Oreo
Opinion/Discussion -15
We do believe you are right. Hehe. We shouldn't laugh at the mentally unhealthy, but as it's Vernon Dursley.... -Willo 

Trivia 5 Points
What goes through the greenhouse roof? 

Pottermore 10 Points
What direction does the Dursley's washing machine turn? 

Opinion/Discussion 15 Points
This should be a fun one! Discuss Vernon's insanity. Remember! It's a 3 part question.

No Freebie right now!
I know, not fair right? But stay tuned! You never know what may arrive between now and Friday.... 
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Happy Halloween all! In honor of how special this day is in the Wizarding World we are giving  away our favorite Pumpkin Juice Recipe! (Courtesy of

Pug's Pumpkin Juice
(Because if it wasn't puggy, it wouldn't be cool.) 

5 Cups apple juice 
1 cup pumpkin puree 
2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 

1. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir well. 
2. Let chill for an hour in the refrigerator. 
3. Strain if too thick or leave it "custard" style 
4. Best if served very cold 

                                                                               - Leo


  1. StarWormwood12755

    Trivia: Oh Dudley. Always throwing fits, this time tossing his tortoise through the greenhouse roof, when other things like puking on purpose didn't work.

    What direction does the Dursley's washing machine turn? It doesn't, as it is a top loader. (Again, I have no idea so I am making things up!)

    Discuss Vernon's insanity.

    Vernon's mental issues go beyond a hatred for magic in general.
    He seems to have a touch of several mental illnesses, including obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoia, and panic disorder. These behaviors have are clearly displayed and include: insisting Harry cut his hair over and over and over again, muttering about being watched ("Watching--spying--might be following us."), and pulling on his mustache until half of it was missing.

  2. Tatum - I think it's a tortoise! Don't tell Hermio!

    Oreo - Clockwise...maybe. Now I'm second-guessing myself. That could have been the dryer...

    Willo - Vernon is insane. Period. Duct tape might solve it, but I doubt it. I forgot the 3 parts, but I want to just add: What the heck was he looking for when they were attempting to run away from the letters?! He kept getting out and muttering to himself, then driving away! And what psycho sold him a gun, then shipped him off in a tiny boat with his famiy??? I would have been calling the police. Seriously.

  3. What goes through the greenhouse roof?
    the pet tortoise no tatum not hermeo

    What direction does the Dursley's washing machine turn?
    round and round

    This should be a fun one! Discuss Vernon's insanity. Remember! It's a 3 part question.
    wasn't he sane? well if you had a owl squawking in the attic (trust me is it like a rooster in the back room ?) and a kid under the stairs ( people in the walls) and a son that wanted 38 gifts not less even when they are bigger.