Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On tour: Peoria Public Library - Main Branch

This is the public library I visit the most and if you think my book store addiction is bad, my library addiction is 10 times worse! The library has some nice areas and a pretty good selection, though their newer branch is considerably larger and much better stocked. Luckily they have a good website and I can request anything in their system and they will bring it to the Main Branch so I don't have to travel. Peoria Public Library has some good community programs but you have to keep your eyes open or hunt the city Calendar of Events in order to find them.

If you're not a library person here are 5 reasons you should try it out:

1. Free movies! Forget Netfllix, Redbox, and Blockbuster, simply checkout the many movies that are free to rent.
2. Audio books! They're pricy and can be hard to find... libraries have tons of them and they are fantastic for road trips and cleaning the house.
3. Community programs, classes, and ways to ditch your teenager! Um, I mean activities for teenagers and internet access/computer labs. Everything from author signings to free language and computer courses.
4. Instruction books and cd's! Learn French, how to play the piano, and how to create an organic garden and much more - without spending a cent.
5. And finally, the internet does NOT have everything, there is much to be found in books that has not made its way to the internet yet.

Peoria Public Library - Main Branch
8463 W. Monroe St.
Peoria, AZ 85345

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