Monday, December 5, 2011


Penned By: Anne McCaffrey
If you're a woman and a fan or writer of science fiction you owe a big thank you to Anne McCaffrey. She was the first woman to successfully break into Science Fiction literature. Her Pern series is by far and large one of my favorite series of all time. She was a fantastic and detailed writer, who passed the gift on to her son, Todd McCaffrey. He has been working in collaboration with his mother for a few years now to continue her Dragon of Pern series. He has successfully written the last few books himself. The world has lost one of it's greatest science fiction writers of all time just a few short weeks ago when Anne McCaffrey passed away at the age of 85.

Step onto the planet of Pern, where a thriving human population survives in a perilous environment. Lessa, the main character, was born into one of the ruling feudal families but forced into hiding with the dregs of society. She manages to survive through the hardships and rises to regain her birthright. However, her destiny lies with the dragons of the planet. When legend becomes reality they are all threatened and the promise of a real life for Lessa seems like it will be cut cruelly short. Lessa, though, is incapable of giving up  - but is her will to survive enough to save the entire planet? Read one of the strongest female literary character's of all time, written in the 1960's.

Quote: "Black, blacker, blackest, And cold between frozen things. Where is between when there is naught To Life but fragile dragon wings?"

Genus: Fantastical Worlds

Era: Older is Better

Difficulty: 3

Determination:For the genus lover

Series: Yes! This is the first, however the series does not need to be read strictly in order. I recomend reading in the order they were published and not the earliest in the "time-line".

Film: In the works

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